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Art Human Nature is an Academy exploring experimental dance, performance and life art. It offers a creative body education, presenting a brain new line of modern direction of integrative body work in relation to art, human and nature.

The education has 2 lines; a fulltime certified education in one module for 15 weeks. Or an intensive training course for 9 weeks. See the actually year programmed for further description, dates and prices here.

The certified education for 15 weeks:
A continually full-time training program, which gives more teaching hours than the 9 weeks program and 1 week in South France at a fantastic mountain farm, where the finally creative program integrate horse contact.
The education gives you a certification to work professional with the Art Human Nature program, artistically and pedagogical as you get a solid practical and theoretical training with personal coach during 15 weeks education.

The 9 weeks training program:
 Profound, basic techniques, intensive training which will develop and improve your talent and ability as a dancer, artist and body artist. Anita Saij is primarily teaching and passes on a deep knowledge and insight in body, mind and movement.

The 15 weeks education program:  
The accomplished knowledge will be challenged in artistic experiments. Your individual personal creative potential will be explored and further developed through a number of creative processes which take place in an exciting environment in the meeting with nature. You will become familiar with perpetuating, sounding, poesy, painting, staging, sculpturing, choreographing within hybrid forms of Butoh and others integrative experimental creative art.

Perspectives of your personal work. Full responsibility for larger creative size work. The master classes are done independently with guide response. You will take active part in planning and organizing the process of receiving instruction. International guest teachers will be representing.

The teaching is given in comprehensive English, at the level of the group.

The international students can live and have lodging at the school, a great farm (Art Culture Center Baekkelund), which is situated at the beautifully nature Island Bornholm, central for the Baltic and Nordic Countries as well as Poland and Germany, only 3 hours from Copenhagen.

The Academy gives some of the low budget student’s possibilities of applying less price of the education (max 50%), In the meaning of work exchange.

The education accepts 6 students at the certified education and around 6 students at the intensive training modules.
Every year the Academy offers other short workshops and summer camps, which are included in the Art Human Nature education. The students at the education will have inspiration of collaborating with
guests and others groups of the workshop and camps program at Nordic Butoh.

The education is open for all who are interesting in art, body and nature work. It don’t demands specific experience in dance or bodywork, but demands of physical and  psychological engagement and ability of working concentrated and personal as well as independent individual as in a group.

For further information about the program and pratical information and about the Art Culture Center Bakkelund see Programme.