by Dianna Guldbaek,
2003summer camp

- made after the daily training with butoh improvisation.

about butoh by Nynne Femfinger,
summercamp 2003
- "a very deep world of enormous power, from the most rough and primitive to the finest and very extremely delicate"
Articles about butoh

From a dance perspective
* Interview with Anita Saij, Dance magazine Terpsichore, February 2004

From a post butoh perspective

* Article by cultural editor Mona Ditmer, Danish newspaper Politiken, 12. February 2003 (in danish)

From a creative and spiritual perspective

* Excerpt from article of  butoh dancer Kazuo Ohno, Japan, Ballet Tanz, February 2004

Links about butoh

From a historical performing perspective

* Article from the performer Don McLeod, Canada

From a psycosomatic perspective
* Article from the 36th Annual Conference of American Dance Therapy Association, by
   Toshiharu Kasai and Mika Takeuchi, October 2001

From an artistic life perspective
* Interview with painter Sarah Spain, June 1996
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Nordic School of Butoh is an alternative school in continuation of new tendencies.

The great source of inspiration to the school is butoh, about this Anita Saij says:
At present we see a fascination with the actual body. Physical as well as mental and metaphysical layers are represented from organic process to spiritual presence.

- Butoh focuses on the essential and elementary, and brings in universal, almost animalistic aspects of dance, in a strong wish to reestablish the human body in the nature it simply is part of.

- In contradiction to our structuralistic approach to dance, butoh embraces the chaos and the irrational, which western culture has difficulties accepting.

By believing in the unity of flesh and spirit, the alter ego of the body is manifested as a whole. For instance life/ death, light/darkness,  female/man, etc.
Likewise, we see in butoh that the attractive appears related to the repulsive and the traditional to the avantgardistic.

  © Nordic School of Butoh 2004

The students investegate the intersections and gravity of the body and the environment.