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- for man, body can´t be considered as an isolated phenomen in time and space - like dance can´t be considered only excisting of physical movements
- but a more fantastic world created in the deeper nature of man, filled with fascinating power and great fantasies.


Nordic School of Butoh is an independent, non-profit, alternative school, which offers intensive courses and education in dance, body and performance in Copenhagen.

- Anita Saij is the Danish exponent for the school in Copenhagen. She has been practicing through many years in Japan mostly with the master Kazuo Ohno, the bright spiritual guide of butoh, and the founder Hizikatas darkness in Min Tanaka's tough school.

She has integrated butoh in her own unique way in somatic and artistic practice during more than twenty years of professional and international reknowned work as a teacher, performer and choreographer.

In Denmark she founded Theatre Dance Lab, in 1986, where many of the present talents like Kitt Johnson, Anders Christensen, Tim Feldtman, Bo Madvig were tought and inspired.

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