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Photo: Mogens Kjempff

Weekend workshops

- the body in time and space -
Experimental dance and its relation to existence, nature, and the animalistic body. Basic thoughts and methods of Butoh dance are introduced. In the butoh dancer's body, the relationship between the world and the body is investigated. Physical and mental presence, transformation, and research into body as well as mind and spirit.

Comprehensive training together with interesting workshops offer elements such as:
Awareness - Image Work - Strength & Flexibility - Mind & Body - Alignment - Dynamic
Energy - Co-ordination - Precision - Centering - Gravity - Breathing - Body Intersection

- for man, the body caní t be considered as an isolated phenomenon in time and space
- like dance can't be considered only to exist of physical movements,
- but a world so fantastic created in the deeper levels of the nature of man,
- filled with enormous power and strange fantasies

Butoh is an experimental, powerful body performance originally from Japan, unifying philosophy, training and expression. Has through the last 10 years inspired contemporary dance and performance, breaking up the western conception of body, mind, spirit, and the dancerís relation to existence and nature.

The course is for everyone working with the body, no specific experience in dance or Butoh is required. The workshop also gives an introduction to Butoh for possible new students at the education, and for continuing at other courses at Nordic School of Butoh.

Anita Saij, dancer and teacher within performance theatre, contemporary dance, and somatic training practice. Founded the prize awarded Theatre Dance Lab in DK, developed Open Training and now Danish exponent of Nordic School of Butoh in Copenhagen.

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