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- for performers of various genres involved in the body and its relation to human existence.

  - the dancer and choreographer Anita Saij is giving an international summer seminar in collaboration with Nordic School of Butoh at fantastic farms placed in great nature sites in the mountains of France and Spain, and the ocean of Denmark.

a different course than the common, gathering training, everyday and performance in one - the purpose is to give the individual participant the possibility of a deep study of body expression, removed from the usual pressure from outside and in close contact with nature.

The body is your instrument, your tool, which like time and condition can be controlled and understood, in order not to let ignorance be the limit.

The training develops strength and knowledge as well as body and mind, to extend the physical and mental relation, and expression to a more wide and effective language.

Through a complex training program, composed of concrete exercises, each part of the body is valued equally, e.g. the power of the eye is trained as well as that of the leg.

Daily activities of the course:
Body training:
Strength - flexibility - balance - rythm - coordination - precision - concentration -
composition - improvisation - energy - breath - centering - awareness - sensitivity -
imagination - perception - alignment Followed by massage and effective stretching, from Body Weather, Japan.
Futhermore there will be workshops every day with unusual movement techniques from butoh dance.
Part of the course
will take place outdoors. Members of the seminar will get great possibilities to make small performances together and individually, related to the work of the butoh thoughts and metods, interesting props will be at hand, sound, lights, costumes etc..

- To research and explore the possibilities and expressions of the body, opening up, in order
to let the creative power flow again beyond the limit of the body.
- For man, the body can´t be considered as an isolated phenomenon in time and space,
- like dance can´t be considered only to exist of physical movements, but a world so fantastic created in the deeper levels of nature and man, filled with enormous powers and strange fantasies.

The course is open for everyone interested in working with body, mind, and spirit.
It is an intensive internat physically and mentally, where it is recommended that members are used to working with the body. However, no specific experience in dance is required.

The language of the seminar will be easy and comprehensible English, if needed.



7 days camp for new students for everyone who has never been at  a butoh workshop before with Anita Saij. Here we work with basic principles of butoh dance, thoughts and methods, body and mind relation, and interesting artistically and creative experiments.

7 days camp for former students, who have attended some of the other courses (week-end workshops in Copenhagen, camps, or students at Nordic School of Butoh). To meet again and keep a network relation of people interested in butoh. Here we are working more advanced and in depth, developing our skills and joy of working with the body, mind and spirit, and the performing body.

Students who want to continue from the 1st camp to the 2nd camp, have to make the booking in advance.You don’t need to pay for resting days in between the two camps; here you can enjoy the lovely sea or the great nature in the mountain.

Nordic butoh - Horse and dance

Summer camp Horse & Dance in France
Butoh & Contact Improvisation & Bodywork practice.
Dancing with earth, wind and sun in the natural theatre of the mountains.
Meeting the horses in their natural environment. Developing our authentic
body language as human through movement in nature and contact to horses.
Exploring our deep animalistic aspects in solo and partner work.

Anita Saij, dancer and leader of the International School of Experimental Dance Nordic Butoh, presents for second year this successful project. A unique work with body, mind, center - exploring the cooperation between dance, horse and human, based at principles from the powerful Japanese Butoh, Contact improvisation Authentic Movement.

(Participators don’t need any specific experience in dance or horse riding to attend the camp)

It is creative holistic bodywork for all, where we live at the fantastic horse farm Cavalus high in the great beautiful mountains. You are welcome to stay after the camp if you have special interestingin riding. Wonderfull trekking tours in the nature is giving with the owner of the farm.

Read an article by Anita Saij about the work with horses and dance (english)
Artikel på dansk her

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  Nordic butoh - Horse and dance