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A flexible training forum. Here you can participate as often you can and start when you wish to.
Open training is open for everyone, who wants to have comprehensive essential training, based on body and mind principles, where breathing and centering go together with physical fittness, strength, and flexibility.
No specific dance or movement experience is required, but the MB is a very warm, quick paced group work-out , where basic is a controlled, calm work-in, focusing on individual awarness at the inside. Both training forms are supplementary to each others and inspired from butoh dance systems, working with the deep centre in the body, related to life energy ki, organs and meridians, also called the powerhouse of the human.
The Open Training was originally established in Copenhagen in 1987 by the dancer Anita Saij, in relation to the butoh dance work of Theater Dance Lab, and from 1990 developed futher into a basic training method Piloga, also involving training for people with somatic problems of the back and hip. The New Open Training is an independent non-profit organisation, based on free membership of the participants.

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