Guest book for 2 months intensive including the guest workshop of the Butoh dancers
Jasmine France and Ishii Japan in the spring, and he performance work of the students.
Thank you Anita and all of you for this 2- month’s course! So many things has happened and it has been fascinating to move into Butoh- a new (or old) sense as opened. It has been very good to work with the body and nature. I want to continue with that. It has been an intensive journey with many ups and downs, brightness and darkness – like life! I am glad to have met you al and that we spend this time together. From so many different places – I hope to see you again sometime!
Love from Kristin, Norway

Beautiful and hard, black and white, dark and light…duality is surfing on the dance waves here in the Nordic Sea of Butoh. A rich experience for body, mind, perception, senses. In the end, there is a feeling of fulfillment and saturation but also of grief and wonder. Keep walking it tells you. And you have learnt here that you can walk forward with all sides of your body – conventional wisdom and knowledge are dissolved.
I enjoyed our amazing group energy in an exclusively female gathering from different world points. So nice to be together, to care, to share, to feel, to synchronize!
I loved the space of Nordic School of Butoh. It was awesome to see the garden transforming between the winter – spring – summer seasons. Such a battle inside and outside!
And there is Anita with a big heart and feelings and big wardrobe of costumes and a bigger magic box of exercises, intuition and recipes for dance, life, creativity. She keeps you alert and keeps on going in smooth and sometimes hard ways.
A life experience that I am carrying on the whole of my cells from now on. There is a big butoh road ahead. Keep walking.
Thomai, Greece
2 months’ courses 2006.
Hai! Definitely, it has been the most rewarding course I have participated. Having professional background in fine arts, the teaching of the Nordic School of Butoh has been right the thing I have always lacked in western art schools’ education. It goes very deep to human being, nature and cultural behaving and animals! This two month course ha given me a great respect for butoh and its effect on being in the world. Deeper understanding through exercises and communication between people and inside oneself. Interactions in many levels. Floating through death and life, settling a structure and letting the intuition work! Thank you Anita and the group, from my heart.
Raila, Finland
2 month course

Dear Ishi and lrike and all at Nordic School of Butoh
Filled with beautiful words, pictures and senses like nectar! I keep on dancing my way. Love
Thank you Anita keeping the butoh centre soul alive in Copenhagen!
Roots in the sky! I want to go to Japan!
Anna Nilson, Sweden
A great Kiss. An experience everyone should try (man or woman). Have fun!
Butoh is like something that is cosmic, with and inside the movement of universe. All things are always moving, breathing, changing feelings when alive!!!!, great guest workshop
Where we are somewhere I do not know but I have to stay, I cannot go away sometimes never know place. It is always the first time.
Valeria, Italy

Amazing, how you transform the room, atmosphere. Our performance here was lovely. You showed love, joy, body, soul, spirit, life, death. I loved it. I will never forget. I will take it with me. Nice journey. Love.
Hana Yaa Sewah Ane Frimpory.