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2002 - 2003
- THE SOUND OF SAUMMA, solo to Elisabeth Heilmann, Nordic Theatre Meeting,
   Lapland and Faroe Islands
- Workshop and lecture for the Sami Theatre in Kiruna, STS conference, Lapland
- Lecture at the Institute of Theatre at University of Copenhagen, and at the
   Danish-Japanese Art Society, DK

2000 - 2001
- NO BRAIN NO PAIN, choreography for Kasper Ravnhoj and the British sound artist
   Tim Hinman, Dance scene, DK
- WHITE MONKEY, dance performance Anita Saij and Karina Holm, Pakhus 11, tour DK

1998 - 1999
- THE CRYSTAL PATH, choreography for three women, premiered Kanonhallen, tour DK
- NIGHTWANDERER, solo, premiered at Kanonhallen, tour in DK and at "Denmark
   Festival" Stuttgart

1996 - 1997
- ACID CIRC, international new circus production. A hybrid between circus, theatre
   and music, to "European Culture City 1996", DK
-ACID CIRC, tour and prized at Tollwood festival, Munchen,
-ACID CIRC, festival "Printes des Comediens", Montpellier and the international
   festival theatre de rue Aurillac, France
- CHERRYMOUTH, solo for Malene Hertz,  Lund National Theatre "Festival
   Experimental Solos", Sweden

1994 - 1995
- KATARSIS, 2 tragedies, music dramatical cooperation. Music: Diamanda Galás
  New York, The vocal ensemble Ars Nova DK, Einstürzende Neubauten, the Finnish
  shouting choir Mieskuroro Huutajat. Guest dancers: Yvette Bozisik Hungary, the
  Spanish performer Juan Navarro from La Fura Del Baus. Theatre Dance Lab, DK
- THUNDERBIRDS, tour, "The Nordic Institute 10-Year Jubilee and the UN World
  Conference for Young People, Aaland Festival "Nytt Nordiskt", Nordic Council jubilee,
  Dansescenen Stockholm, Sweden
- THUNDERBIRDS, "Dance Week Festival in Zagreb", Kroatia
- RECEIVES THE AWARD for new choreographers of the Ministery of Cultural Affairs, DK
- ICMC, WOMAN IN THE BATHTUP, for the Royal Danish Ballet, Festival Waves, DK

1992 - 1993
- THUNDERBIRDS, a Nordic dance co-operation, with 8 dancers from the Faroe Islands,    Finland, Sweden. Music FM Einheit & Master Fatman, Dancescenen, DK,
- ORFEO, new opera , dance and solo choreography by AS for the Hotel Pro Forma,
   Texts Ib Michael, Music The Ars Nova Choir & John Cages, tour over the world
- FIREFLIES, Latwia as Northern Cultural City Harstad, Norway, Estonia, Berlin

1991 - 1992
- FIREFLIES, Festival NoTT '92, Kuopio, Finland
- FIREFLIES, dance performance, 3 dancers, music: Einstürzende Neubauten, tour, DK
- THE BLUE CABARET, The black box Theatre, "Oslo International Festival", Norway.
- THE BLUE CABARET, Nordic Festival in Lisbon”, Portugal.
- THE BLUE CABARET, a Nordic co-production, 11 performers, music: Position Alpha,
  Sweden, create to the Belgian Mirror Marquee, DK
- THE BLUE CABARET, Helsinki, Finland
- SOVRANA ,solo Anita Saij, Helsinki, Finland
- Guest teacher at Union of Dancers, Helsinki, Finland
- Lecturer at DANSENS HUS (House of Dance), DK
- Lecturer at a seminar for Ritual Dance, DK
- REFLECTIONS, cooperation with writer and filmmaker Kirsten Hanman, DK.
- TECHNO VISION, outdoor event for a metropol at Scala Square. Arr.Copenhagen
   International Theatrefestival. Music Master Fatman. 35 performers/dancers. DK
- LYRICS AND PICTURES, International Festival of music, pictures and performances,   DK
- SOVRANA, International Festival Luxenbourg.
- Guest lecture at the Theatre School in Luxembourg.
- Chairman at the European Center for Choreographers, France.

1989 - 1990
- PROCESS OF FLESH, a series of 9 performances, The Blue Hall, Copenhagen, DK
- THE BLACK HOLE, 11 dancers, music Pere Oliver Jørgsen, The Blue Hall, DK
- LANDSCAPES OF KOE, series of 7 performances, Wurst , Copenhagen, DK
- SOVRANA, "Tutusmundus" Festival, Poland
- SOVRANA, solo Anita Saij, opening of The Blue Hall, Copenhagen, DK,
- 2 international seminars at Tukak Theatre, DK

1985 - 1988
- DUST, Dance member of EXMENT, DK
- WOMB OF THE OCEAN - ONE EYE, Champ Theatre, Seoul, Korea
- Lectures at Hanyang University, Seoul Korea
- DUET WITH INUIT, Hotaka Music and Dance Festival, Hotaka Japan
- HALF BIRD, Gallery Kyoni, events, at the exhibition of the Israel painter Maya Dunsky,
   Tokyo Japan
- SOLO NON, Studio 200, Project Potalka, Tokyo Japan
- IN ICE, Striped House Museum, with Nourit Maison and Moritsuna Nakamura,
   Tokyo Japan
- WOMB OF THE OCEAN, Terpsicore, Tokyo, Japan
- Studies of Butoh with Body Weather Laboratory, Min Tanaka, and Kazuo Ohno, Japan

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